Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night to steal Oreo cookies.
– Diane Arbus

With 20 years of professional experience, she is pretty good at stealing Oreos … and milk. Robin’s love of photography began with a fifth grade trip to Jamestown, Virginia, but she honed her skills as a professional videographer in broadcast journalism. She still produces the occasional video vignette and excels in shooting subjects ranging from landscapes to dog sports.

Creative Design

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.
– Albert Einstein

We’re not sure about it being a contagion, but creativity has followed Robin around since the days of mix tapes and scrapbooking. Finding visual ways to communicate became a professional passion when she learned how to tell better (and more relatable) stories with artistic video during her broadcasting days. The advent of Adobe products over the last two decades have allowed Robin to learn and refine skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more. Whether you’re in need of presentation templates or a vintage logo, you can ideate with Robin.

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